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  About us

PRODIGY, an elite group of erudite students, who topped in their schools and colleges, sharing their knowledge and divulge their dexterousness with each other; and stimulating other students to get good marks and make them to stimulate others, and goes one.

PRODIGY is an association which helps the students and their education. It includes elite members of SSLC state rank holders and higher secondary state rank holders. PRODIGY aims at performing Alchemy of converting normal Students to Stupendous Students. Making of a Young - n - Zeal new brave World is PRODIGY's Vision.

PRODIGY's mission is to serve as a platform for scholastic students to develop and share knowledge, skills and abilities and to help them grow in knowledge and wisdom and as good human beings.

PRODIGY is committed to identify and nurture students with proven academic excellence and assisting them realize their potential. PRODIGY  fosters learning and academic excellence by working with students, educators, and intellectuals to create a fulfilling, and academically enriching environment for furthering knowledge and excellence.

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Visitors from all over the world, Universities, corporate and different countries. | more |


PRODIGY aims at stimulating younger minds thru aristocracy school toppers and influences the student community to understand their roles and values in the society and ascends their skill level by making them to share their knowledge with each other.

Thus, PRODIGY?s mission is to promote the value of leaning, concept of acquiring knowledge by sharing skills, appreciating younger minds to realize their self-worth and transition for students? productive and responsible participation in the society.


PRODIGY?s vision is a world of erudite people comprehends their full potential, by means of sharing their knowledge with each other.


PRODIGY believes in acquiring of astuteness, by sharing of knowledge, education to everyone, empathizes social responsibility. When students are given opportunities, they discover their potential, hence PRODIGY believes in appreciating young talents, and giving opportunities to create a young-erudite brave world.

What we expect

A single tree can?t be a forest; hence PRODIGY anticipates supports from the society, especially from the youth community, to join with us, to help us, not the financial aids, but of sharing knowledge. So, join here and share your knowledge. Also, enlighten about PRODIGY to your friends and relatives, so that, it will make us to help more students. Help us to create a new brave erudite world.

Voice of the mentor

The legendary singer SPB praises PRODIGY in a press meet. click to view the video clip.


Giving guidelines to 10th and 12th class students thru' an aristocracy of Rank-Holding students.

Giving project guidelines to the college going students. 

Conducting online classes to the college going students.

Providing funds to the Poor Scholastic Students.

Presenting awards to the scholastic rank holders.

  Foundation courses and arithmetic classes for Kids.

Sunitha williams speaks from space










Tips from the champion students of past years to cane the examination stress and to score good marks.            | details |


Academic excellence, only hallmark ?

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PRODIGY, An association for stupendous students