PYROTECHNICS- Prophecy of Project Management

Eavesdropper- Remote User Monitoring System

ChatKaro A Chat Messenger

Seventh Sense An online Examination System

Mimic Mycin- An Expert System For Medication

Mr. ABC A Robotic Prototype

CHEMISOFT- An Expert System For Organic Chemistry

IDEA- Ideal Debate on Educational Activities

OKAS- Online Knowledge Accreditation System

DigiSign- Digital Signature and Encryption

JIMS - Java Intranet Message Server

JConference- Implementing a Secret Symposium System

PETS - Privacy Enhanced Transmission System

r-Files Remote File Replication

SPOTSOFT- Implementing SDLC Process

RLXDR - Remote Lookup and External Data Representation

PIQPING - Pointer and Inverse Queries (PIQ) on DNS System

RTTP - Implementing Real-Time Transport Protocol.

FUTURE FOCUS - Implementation of FAST and FTR Approaches

Innovative Images Image Processing System

NNTS - Network Newsgroup Transmission System.

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