Prodigy's Pinnacle :: Tour de force for hard work  

Its magnum of our opuses, Aug 18, 2006 a red letter day for our website, itís a tour de force for all of our hard work, yes we have today pinnacled the position of numero 1 in the webstats4u survey, which is considered to be the best valid survey system on the net. PRODIGY takes this opportunity to share the success path of our website with all of its team members.

Scale of success

Feb 27, 2006, the day we started to participate in the WEBSTATS4U survey, as suggested by our valued member Swetha. At the time of participation one has to select the appropriate area which will reflect the theme of the website, hence we have selected Education->Student Information.

For our website, it took just a month to get into the TOP-25, which we climbed in the month of April, 2006, and within next couple of weeks we pinnacled, to the TOP 10 scale thanks to the frequent visitors of our website, none other than you all.



Dethrones the topper

After June 2006, our site was swinging between the rank 5 to 10 and in the end of the month June, 2006 we climbed the amazing feat of Rank-2, which was our highest ranking. But there is only one site which was always topped, or you can say dominated other sites with a day-to-day hits of 800-1000, the site is British Higher Education, which is providing tips about the higher education of British colleges.

ďThe Stronger they are, the harder they fallĒ, as the slogan reads, now we dethroned the topper site, which was dominated the ranking system almost 300 days. Itís not easy to win a site which has already got over 7 laks hits from all over the world, just see the snapshot of the visitors to the British Higher education website.

Now we topped the ranking and PRODIGY never takes its competitors lightly, and in the future too, we will try to stand in this respectful position.


Bees from Foreign Universities

Today, not only we ranked first, but also there are many notable visitors from various countries and popular Universities, instead of explaining all those, a simple snapshot will do the needful, see below,




And the credit goes to

Always, success never comes in overnight, we achieved this feet not in a single night. Even we ranked poorly, a rank of 56, due to the problem in our server in the month of June 2006. But, we climbed this height in a matter of month, and its because of you all, and your moral support, last but not the least all of your frequent visits to our site, eventhough there was no much updates. So its PRODIGY times to thank you all for this support, and it preserves some thanks to say when our site achieves more than what we are now.


Design and Development Team