SUPPOSE : Knowledge Base & Brainstorming Team of PRODIGY
All About

The Name of this Discussion board is “Suppose”. This is the Name We Put for the Discussion Board of PRODIGY. (SUPPOSE is a trademark name for PRODIGY discussion board and e-schools) What SUPPOSE stands for? First 3 letters ‘SUP’ is an ellipsis of “System Unified Process”. Next ‘POSE’ is a word acts as both ‘noun’ and verb. In ‘verb’ form POSE means MODEL and second meaning is “Getting answers for even difficult questions”. In ‘noun’ POSE means MAKE BELIEVE. So by combining SUP and POSE, we can define SUPPOSE as “a process of writing unified knowledge base and requirement statement for a system which will answer the difficult task and questions of end-user.”


The objective here is to inject the concept of unified process and workshops along with discussion forums and project SRS+ usecases to the IT lead people (not to project managers, later you will know why) and to the MBA aspirants (mainly for candidates who are all interested in Systems and POM)

SUPPOSE includes

SUPPOSE includes the following

1. Problem definition and description
2. Requirement statement
3. System analysis with knowledge base (Unified process+ Risk analysis)
4. Possible Prototype
5. Solution set

SUPPOSE audience

As already told the audience of SUPPOSE discussion forum are IT students and MBA students, IT students will learn object+ unified oriented SDLC, where as B-school students will learn the basics of workshops and case studies.

Now, in B-school student minds think of this question “how SUPPSE is going to effective for me?” well the answer is simple “SUPPOSE includes B-school technique of BRAINSTROMING which is a techniques for problem-solving, team-building and creative process. I think there are some B-school students are there in our group who aware of this technique well.

Non IT students also can join in SUPPOSE team, as it’s a just technique for common problem solving.

“All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason” So I request all of you to join with me for discussing our trademark technique of SUPPOSE in our group.