Synergy : Discussion and Knowledge Sharing area of PRODIGY
What Synergy is

               The basis idea of Synergy of PRODIGY is as simple as the literal meaning of the word Synergy. Synergy means ‘Working together harmoniously’. That is, Synergy is a discussion forum where the ideas and views of two or more members discussing together to produce a solution that is greater than the sum of their individual views. To cut short the definition, Synergy of PRODIGY aims at combining of ideas and views of different members which each multiply the effects of others’ views rather than merely adding to them.

Where Synergy comes  from

                Synergy always multiplies the efforts of two or more persons, which always greater than the efforts of single person. Actually, where we are using the word and concept of Synergy?

  First for B-School Students, just refresh the concept of Mergers and Acquisition, which aims at how two businesses would fit well together. So for B-School students, the concept derived from Mergers and Acquisition.

  Secondly for IT students, just take the Expert System of SYNERGY, which is a program for sharing a keyboard and mouse between multiple computers. It is used in situations where you have several PCs, with a monitor connected to each, but only want to have one keyboard and mouse on the desk.

  Thirdly for Science students, which includes the craze of Chemistry and Prodigies of Physics, Synergy comes from the great Rutherford’s quotes, “combining forces produces a better product”, so the word derived from Rutherford’s Golden quotes.

  For Mathematics manic, the concept comes from Simple secondary grade formula “Multiplication is nothing but Successive addition”. Thanks to Abraham de Moivre, so the word is derived from this.

  Finally, for PRODIGY members, Synergy means simply, Synergetic, WIN-WIN discussions and situations.


                 PRODIGY’s Synergy aims at augmenting a particular topic and gathering views from all of our PRODIGY members, and create a GREAT SOLUTION.


                Deriving a nifty solution to the greater problems.


                Synergy, augmenting the analysis, derives nifty conclusions, thru Teamwork, rather than individual opportunism